Wirepas Massive Tracking: Revolutionary Wireless Connectivity for Smart Geolocalisation


Wirepas, a Finnish connectivity company on a mission to change enterprise IoT, today announced the release of Wirepas Massive Tracking. The new smart tracking software suite embeds Wirepas Massive – the company’s large-scale mesh connectivity software for massive IoT.
Instead of deploying wireline positioning infrastructure in large spaces which is costly and time-consuming, Wirepas Massive Tracking is custom-designed to fit various tracking use cases including assets and people. Its unique benefits will then help companies in the logistics and warehousing, healthcare, construction and manufacturing industries streamline and sustain their operations.

Wirepas Massive Tracking : several benefits

In fact, Wirepas Massive Tracking requires virtually no infrastructure, an intelligent tracking system in a 100,000 square meter facility can be installed in a single day, without disrupting site operations. Then, Wirepas Massive Tracking’s inventory mode allows users to add an inventory of up to 5,000 devices with 100% accuracy in less than a minute. And finally, the new solution introduces industry-leading interoperability between tag vendors. This enables true diversity in form factors and price points – previously unseen in smart tracking and sensing projects.


“We turn your devices into a decentralized network. All of them. Every single battery operated node takes care of itself. Finds its best way. Adapts when something changes. It doesn’t know how to fail.”
-Youssef Kamel, SVP Smart Tracking


Track thousands of tags on a single pallet. Or wheelchairs in a hospital. Or livestock on a farm. Turn anything you need into instantly readable, instantly reportable assets.

Symbiotech aligned

Symbiotech likes the ambition of the Wirepas technology that allow any company to set up and manage its own autonomous wireless private mesh network that can easily geolocalise any assets, indoors or outdoors. But above all, what aligns Wirepas and Symbiotech is Wirepas’ mission to democratise entreprise IoT.  Symbiotech has been focused for the past 4 years on massive Industrial IoT projects. Lately, Symbiotech has signed up distribution of Redlore asset tracking solution to better service the Australian market.  To understand how Symbiotech can help you implement such solutions, simply contact us. 

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