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This Excel template allows you to quickly and easily see the expected costs and revenue of your IoT project.

Gauge the potential financial gains and costs compared with a non-smart product equivalent.

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    An Excel Calculator As Smart As Your Smart Product

    This business case calculator is designed for those looking to weigh the financial benefits and costs of their potential smart product project, compare it with a non-smart product scenario, or build a business case to get stakeholder sign-off.

    Take your real project scenario and see your project financials automatically populate in the Cost Analysis tab based on your Project Inputs. A projected revenue chart allows you to instantly compare this with a non-smart product.

    This calculator will:

    • Roughly calculate the revenue of your baseline scenario (non-smart product)
    • Estimate the potential revenue of your smart product scenario
    • Ask the right questions to help you determine a realistic cost analysis for your smart product
    • Get ballpark figures for costs and time to market

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    From choosing the right connectivity infrastructure to ensuring smooth business transformations, we work with you to design, develop and deploy transformative IoT engineering solutions.


    Our flexible approach to assessing challenges and goals deliver bespoke IoT solutions that deliver on objectives.


    Our industry-leading expertise has delivered smart products with ground-breaking functionality.


    We ensure your smart product is launched effectively, ensuring every ounce of value is extracted.

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