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Keen to convert your IoT devices from Bluetooth to Wirepas?
Symbiotech is your one-stop-shop for a 'symple' and successful transition to Wirepas.

Can I run Wirepas on my existing Bluetooth devices?


Wirepas Mesh runs on chipsets supporting Bluetooth (BLE). 

Your hardware is compatible with Wirepas Mesh 2.4Ghz if your product includes any of the following System on Chip (SoC) components:

1. The nRF52 series from Nordic semiconductor (including nRF52832, nRF52840 or nRF52833).
2. The EFR32 series from Silicon labs (including EFR32BG12, EFR32bg21 or EFR32bg22).

You can also find a great variety of wireless modules on Wirepas partners’ products page (select “Category > Socs & modules) .

Please note that battery powered device also require a 32kHz crystal to function properly. 

From an application software point of view

Your Bluetooth application today is most probably developed with the silicon vendor Software Development Kit (SDK). This means that you would need to port your application to the Wirepas SDK. 

For more information on that, please visit the Wirepas GitHub.


Symbiotech can help on both fronts.

Symbiotech can develop Wirepas firmware to suit your requirements.

Symbiotech can also assist with redesigning your hardware if your devices currently do not meet those prerequisites above.

Do I need a Wirepas license?

To start your journey with Wirepas, you would normally be required to have a License. You can find information on the Wirepas licensing page.

However if you don’t have an appetite to deep-dive into Wirepas development yourself, we can develop proof-of-concepts or even full products under our license and take care of counting the royalties. This allows you to reduce your costs, especially when still evaluating Wirepas. 

And if you wish to develop with Wirepas in-house, you are not bound to Symbiotech, you can always take out a Wirepas license at a later stage.

‘Symply’ working with Symbiotech makes sense. 

Symbiotech is developing complementary tools to reduce the cost of building a Wirepas application – from securely flashing your devices, to testing tools and commissioning applications. 

Want to scale up your IoT solution?

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