Symbiotech is looking for a talented, driven and ambitious Backend Engineer to join our talented growing team.

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  • Write, test, maintain and document reusable code in PHP using Lumen/Laravel and MySQL.
  • Develop enterprise-quality, horizontally scalable code using best practices, quickly and according to spec.
  • Develop APIs, outputting JSON or XML for use by frontend interfaces.
  • Participate fully in code reviews and work with internal designers, developers and QA to ensure quality code.
  • Collaborate daily with other backend developers, frontend developers, writers and our data team across the full software development lifecycle.
Technical Skill And Experience Requirements
  • Computer Science fundamentals in object-oriented design, data structures and algorithm design, and complexity analysis.
  • Software development fundamentals, including testing, troubleshooting and using version control(we use GitHub).
  • 5+ years of professional development experience.
  • Familiar with and/or have experience with Agile development under the SCRUM methodology.
  • Grasp of object-oriented programming principles, including data modeling and class development.
  • Demonstrated achievement in backend development technologies using PHP and API development (portfolio required)
  • Ability to work with databases, such as MySQL and third-part y APIs.
  • Experience using data interchange formats, such as JSON or XML.
  • Understanding of networking, platforms, caching layers, proxies, or other web services used in the system.
  • Basic Linux server and environment experience.
  • Team plater with excellent communication skills.
Nice to have skills and Experience
  • Experience with any of the following: Composer, Vagrant, PHPStorm, docker, or PHPUnit
  • Working knowledge of PSR standards.
  • Ability to write unit tests using BDD or TDD.
  • Demonstrated ability to brutally prioritize. Be prepared to give examples of critically important projects you didn’t get done in favor of even more important projects. What criteria did you use to make your decision?
  • Team plater willing to take direction, yet with the initiative to identify and act on matters without waiting for direction. This one is really important.
  • Genuinely excited about technology, have a strong interest in learning & using the latest tools, and constantly want to learn new things.
  • Highly-motivated and thrive in an environment where opportunities are many times of your own making.
  • Enjoy engaging in passionate discussions with smart people and letting the best ideas rise to the top.
  • Strong communications skills, both with technical and nontechnical audiences.
  • Willingness to work as pat of a team and embrace best practices, like version control, code reviews, document