Symbiotech worked closely with Panasonic to design the PAN1780 Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit (including devices’ firmware & platform).

Panasonic Industry Demo Kit

By integrating Wirepas 2.4Ghz Mesh into Panasonic Industry’s module PAN1780, Panasonic Industry is closing the gap between an easy-to-use connectivity software and a scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient IoT solution.

The PAN1780 Wirepas Mesh Demo Kit comes as a ready-to-use evaluation tool based on the PAN1780’s high-quality hardware design in combination with Symbiotech’s tailored software design and the Wirepas Wireless Mesh connectivity stack.

The kit contains:

4x PAN1780 pre-flashed Sensor Boards as Mesh Nodes 

1x PAN1780 Sink as Gateway

4x Panasonic CR2032 Batteries for battery operated operation

Demo platform designed by Symbiotech

The four IoT sensor boards from the Panasonic Industry Demo Kit are showcased on the left side of the platform. 

The parameters being monitored for each device include: 

last trigger received, last message received, battery level and temperature history. 

A led activation on/off also allows you to visually see which device is triggered.

Those four sensor boards are connected wirelessly on a Wirepas wireless mesh network (which you can visualize auto configuring on the right side of the platform) up to the gateway (a PAN1780 acting as a sink and connected via USB to a laptop running the demo platform).

What we do @ Symbiotech

Symbiotech has been recognised has a premium Wirepas licensee and integrator
to develop devices’ firmware, commissioning App and platform integration.

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