Our team of global IoT experts are dedicated to Wireless mesh IoT solutions. From around the world, we share a ‘can do attitude’ to solve all problems big and small.
We enhance providers with better solutions to make buildings more sustainable and cities more liveable.

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Johannes Lehmann

Co-Founder / Managing Partner

Mike Humbert

Co-Founder / Partner

Dr Luca Corolli

SeniOr Software Engineer

Erika Osawa

Head of Corporate Services

Edwin Heerschap

Senior Software Engineer

Zhang Xin

Software Engineer

João Agnelo

SENIOR Software Engineer

Renald Gallis

Partnerships and
Business Development

Chris Resch

Digital Marketing Lead

Jacky Lau

Software Engineer

Franco Benedetti

Firmware developer

Dennis Yip

Senior Software Engineer

Alan Yan

Senior Software Engineer

Emma Atterbury

Business Coordinator

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