Today Symbiotech is taking a brief look how we can help Building Automation professionals integrate Wirepas onto an existing KNX network. Therefore we need to establish WHY moving from a wired to wireless network is a necessary step for the future of Building System Technology.

KNX to Wirepas Logos

Since the idea of Smart Buildings have been technological advances in the way we integrate Building Automation, hence we can differentiate between three different types of connectivity:

Smart Building Graphic

Wireless Mesh

(e.g. Bluetooth Mesh, Wirepas)


(e.g. Wifi, BLE, LPWAN)


(e.g. KNX, DALI)

Large Smart Building projects have to deal with connectivity over long distances. Wired solutions are not always practical and above all very expensive. Hence wireless complementarity becomes part of the project.

A typical Hotel deployment entails between 200 and 500 rooms, each consisting of 15 lights, 3 sensors, and 8 wall switches.

Each light, sensor, and switch represent a node in the wireless mesh, relaying instructions onto the next node rather than relying on a central command such as a wired DALI or KNX system.

A 500-room hotel would have up to 13,000 nodes!

Imagine the cost of wiring them all !

Smart Hotel Graphic

Hence so many new hotels are moving to wireless mesh solutions or for older hotels.

Therefore wireless mesh solutions are implemented for new IoT services or solutions to reduce cost of retrofitting.

Wirepas Suite can be deployed in Smart Building, Smart Industry and Smart Metering applications, or whenever there is a need for large-scale industrial-grade network deployments, making it the future of Building Automation.

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