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Redlore RTLS Solution

Symbiotech’s partner RedLore has released their new on-site asset & people tracking & monitoring solution.

Redlore Solution tracks almost any type of physical asset, including people, capital assets (e.g. carts, tools, movable equipment) and parts down to the raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods.

The real time location system (RTLS) engine will locate the asset in even the most complex environments. Meanwhile the on-board sensors will alert you of any unwanted event.

Onsite Tracking and Monitoring

Onsite Tracking
and Monitoring

Solutions for Shipment Monitoring

Solutions for
Shipment Monitoring

Cold Storage Monitoring

Cold Storage

Custom Smart Logistic Solutions

Custom Smart
Logistic Solutions

Redlore Solution combines high accuracy and performance with low cost. Installation is fast and easy and because of its wire-free nature it can be deployed without disturbing ongoing operations.

How It Works

How Redlore Locus Works

1. Wireless Mesh Network: Anchors and Gateway self-form a Wireless Mesh Network.
2. Positioning Engine: Sensors Tags measure the condition of Assets (temperature, humidity, shock, fall,…).
3. Redlore IoT Engine: Data flows over the Mesh Network to the logistics Redlore IoT Engine.
4. Dashboard: Asset locations and conditions are visualised in the Redlore Redboard Control Tower Dashboard.

RedLore Solution is a positioning solution which is capable of accuracy down to ½ foot or 15 cm, without requiring any wiring throughout the facility, as long as you use Redlore High resolution Anchors and Tags.

RTLS & Wirepas

The patented Redlore RTLS solution is built on top of the Wirepas Mesh Network technology, making it the first and only high-resolution positioning technology to operate fully wire-free, without the need to install expensive data or power wiring throughout the facility.


Symbiotech is the distributor of Redlore solutions in Australia. So, for any local projects, we can take care of support, installation, mapping of your environment, customisation, as well as integration to your CRM, ERP or Security systems.


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