Where do losses occur in the supply chain?


Do you ever wonder where things are going wrong in your supply chain?
If you do not have full visibility into your supply chain, you are most likely experiencing significant losses in four different ways: Spoilage, Damage, Inefficiencies, and theft.

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Temperature or humidity Excursions

It happens that losses are caused by temperature or humidity problems.

There are 4 factors that can cause this problem:
– Incorrectly set refrigeration temperature during transportation or storage
– Malfunction of the refrigeration unit
– Lack of temperature control during transport and storage
– Inadequate packaging or storage 

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Schock | Vibration | Tilt 

Damage to the package are due to the following 3 factors:

– Rough loading or handling at the warehouse.

– Bad roads and runways, poor routing or inadequate packaging.

– Poor stacking during transport 

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Late or failed pick-up, incorrect delivery, weather and traffic delays

Inefficiencies are due to: 

– Misplacement or misscanning
– Poor planning, miscommunication, incompatible IT systems
– Missing or incorrect shipping documents, oversight
– Uncontrollable forces

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Missing Goods

It happens that some packages are stolen.

It is estimated that thefts cost an average of 25B$.

This large loss is mainly due to inadequate protection against theft.

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