Keeping tabs on equipment has never been easier.

Metrikus’ asset tracking solution allows you to know where all of  your valuable assets are and ensures you can maximise the  utilisation of all your resources.

From improved customer service and increased workforce  productivity to lower running costs, your operations will be  optimised on every level.

The features

▪ Metrikus platform provides a live map with the location and status of all critical equipment.

▪ You can set thresholds and receive alerts if there are any equipment faults.

▪ Engineers can be dispatched automatically with the information they need to fix equipment on first visit.

The tracking tags from Fujitsu

Metrikus has integrated low cost tags from Fujitsu.

They are small, secure, meshed and easy to install and works with a Wirepas 5.0 compatible gateway.  They are the perfect indoor trackers to attach to any piece of mobile equipment inside a building.

The Fujitsu Evaluation Kit is worth considering for trialling the technology. Available from Symbiotech.

metrikus solution in action

“We have moved all of our asset information and PPM scheduling onto the Metrikus platform. During a recent routine ISO information security audit the auditor remarked that the platform and the way we are using it makes our processes extremely efficient. Therefore, I have no hesitation to recommend the platform to others who also want to provide the highest standard working environment to their customers and staff.” Facilities Manager at InterSystems

InterSystems had hundreds of assets with limited  visibility of their location or status

Their Metrikus solution

▪ Imported static data from their Excel documents  into Metrikus digital platform

▪ Allowed them to see the location and status of assets in real time

▪ Automated alerts replaced manual maintenance  reminders

▪ Increased first-time fix rates due to the accuracy  and availability of data

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