Project UFOund: Improving Hospital Logistics with IoT

Not knowing where things are, can be inconvenient at best. In hospitals, not having wheelchairs, beds and infusion pumps available at the right time can impede the required daily care. But as patients are frequently on the move, keeping track of hospital assets proves challenging in practice. University Medical Center Utrecht initiated the project UFOund to tackle this problem. They first tagged their equipment with low cost IoT trackers and connected it to a Wirepas IoT wireless mesh network. Then they gave nurses and technical staff real-time information about the whereabouts of equipment.

geolocation app by Symbiotech for Ingy

Many more applications using the Wirepas mesh network developed by Symbiotech (on behalf of Ingy) have now been implemented such as smart lighting, Indoor navigation, Occupancy analytics, Call/feedback buttons and energy harvesting IoT switches.

Watch the video of the case study:

About Ingy

Ingy was founded in 2018 and focuses on delivering a scalable smart lighting system on top of the Wirepas network technology. Ingy does not only deliver a scalable and cost-efficient wireless lighting control system it also provides everything required to use the lighting as a backbone for the smart building. Ingy has developed an ecosystem of partners that deliver Ingy enabled lighting components, IoT sensors that can utilise their wireless mesh network, System providers, such as Symbiotech, that can integrate Ingy and partner solutions into customers complex OT systems.

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