XiniX Construction Digitisation through Smart Lighting



The XiniX (by CoolON) solution has been developed in collaboration with Symbiotech.

The lights automatically form a self managing MESH wireless IoT network across the whole construction site.

Each light continuously detects and reports on activity and other important environmental changes through each floor on site.

computer and phone for XiniX construction digitalisation

The network can monitor and provide real-time positioning of various asset tracking tags scattered throughout the construction site.

Information is processed and key performance insights are clearly presented to the construction project management team in real time on a secured cloud platform, from anywhere in the world.

Hereafter in details some of the Key Benefits: 
– Improve Site Safety

Accurate hazard identification – superior illumination high quality strain free light.

Evacuate quickly and confidently – signal evacuation visually with flashing lights and verify floor activity with occupancy reports.

Mitigate safety risk – automated man-down and SOS emergency alerts with WakeCap.

– Real Time Visibility

Real-time dashboards – cloud-based dashboards ensure information is readily accessible.

Asset Tracking – wirelessly monitor and track assets across a site with XINIX acting as reference points.

Improve productivity – identify operational bottlenecks with WakeCap.

– Wireless expansion

Environmental awareness – easily deploy sensors to monitor conditions such as air quality, temperature, noise, humidity.

Equipment monitoring – ensure fire extinguisher readiness and discover abnormal vibrations.

Communicate effectively – ensure messages are seen and heard with digital visual signage and audio broadcast.

– Reduce carbon emissions

Completely reusable – easily moved between floors as construction progresses.

Reduce carbon footprint – LEDs and active dimming reduce energy consumption by at least 60%.

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