Fulfilling the IoT Promise and the Impact of 5G


IoT & 5G World Conference

Where we are with IoT technologies? How can the promise of IoT be fulfilled on a wider scale?
How can 5G technologies support more widespread adoption?

This virtual event works the same way as a live exhibition and conference: it has a fairground, exhibition hall and conference area. Expect Keynotes about major technical trends, market requirements, new applications areas; Panel Discussions with industry experts and Technical Presentations about products and solutions.

Some key subjects include:

The Promise of Massive IoT,

Accelerating Deployment and Value in the IoT,

Keynote Presentation about major Trends and new Technologies with IoT,

Smart and Secure IoT devices: Challenges and Opportunities,

5G Brings Private Networks to Life But Will Have to Compete With the Edge Computing Approach,

Technical Presentation about 5G/IoT Solutions,

Applications and Product Innovations, What IoT use cases have been accelerated by the pandemic, and not just health?

Parallel to the Conference, there is an Exhibition, featuring virtual booths.