Supply Chain & Industrial Warehouse Summit 2022

There are numerous weak spots in the current state of the global supply chain. The container market, shipping lanes, ports, air cargo, trucking networks, railroads, and warehouses are all experiencing significant disruptions.

Ocean-going ships, shipping containers, cargo terminals, truckers, and railroads must all cooperate like runners in a relay race for commodities to go from factories in other countries to addresses in Australia. If any piece of equipment becomes stuck, the entire chain will experience delays.

The pandemic has disrupted international supply chains and accelerated e-commerce sales growth to the point where there is extreme pressure on distribution networks and warehouse capacity, which will be covered at the Supply Chain and Industrial Warehouse Summit on 3rd – 4th November 2022 in Melbourne

It will examine the main issues that CPG companies and 3PLs are dealing with throughout the supply chain, including shipping, containers, transportation, warehousing, and the last mile, and how technology and creative solutions may help eliminate inefficiencies and improve the flow of goods.

As consumer goods and logistics firms strive to raise their stocks and extend their warehouse space, it will also examine the enormous opportunities this has provided for owners and investors of industrial and logistical real estate.

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