Webinar on deploying smart spaces in scale


Online panel discussion on the importance of wireless mesh connectivity for IoT indoor deployment.

Making a mass deployment of connected solution is not trivial. Easiness of the deployment will be defined by the weakest link of the end-to-end system. It does not matter, if the connectivity works, if commissioning requires mobile phone application which is too difficult to use or if commissioning on the field requires a back-end and the back-end connection is unreliable.

Most often the end-to-end designs over estimate the skill sets of the people doing the installations on the field, which is leading to failures.

During the panel discussion, Pertti Kujala from Haltian, Visa Parviainen from Mount Kelvin,  Jani Vehkalahti from Wirepas, Nicki Zintchenko from Weissbeerger, Aleksi Jokela from Valpas and Johannes Lehmann from Symbiotech dive into learnings of IoT deployments on the field and how wireless mesh connectivity is playing a key role in making mass deployments smoother.

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