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Symbiotech is the distributor of Metrikus solutions in Australia.

One small step for you,
one giant leap for your building

Metrikus self-install kit contains everything you need to sample the benefits of a smart building.

The kit contains:
– 11x Wirepas-ready Haltian IoT sensors
– Access to the Metrikus platform
– Pre-built dashboards displaying your data.

All of that for only $5,950 (exc. GST)

This low-risk entry point to smart buildings allows you to quickly understand and prove the value of smart building technology. It’s a great starting point for creating an entirely smart building.

Metrikus Smart building starter kit with Haltian devices
several services that metrikus offers

What do I get?

Platform access

1 year access to the Metrikus platform (1 editor license)


1x Haltian Thingsee AIR: indoor air quality monitoring (CO2, TVOC, Temperature, Humidity, Barometric pressure)

6x Haltian Thingsee Presence: desk occupancy monitoring, people presence, visitor counting

2x Haltian Thingsee Environment: Monitor doors and windows, movement and orientation.

2x Haltian Thingsee Beam: monitor fill rates of paper, towel, soap dispenser, trash bin, storage…


1x Haltian Thingsee Global Gateway ANZ (+eSIM for a year)

How does it work?

Receive your kit 
Set-up your hardware (1 year limited warranty*)
View your real-time data on the platform (1 year of insights)
Chat with us after 30 days to review your solution

Remember this kit is a demonstration of smart building technology, please get in touch to explore the ways to optimise your needs.

“Thanks to the Metrikus Smart Building Starter Kit, owners and tenants will now have access to all the data needed to make decisions that improve their bottom line, environmental footprint, and health & well-being.”

smart platform of metrikus

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