Symbiotech distributes and supports global IoT wireless mesh solutions locally in Australia and New Zealand.


FCL Components (previously Fujitsu Components) has been one of the first to release wireless mesh IoT devices for smart building environmental sensing and indoor tracking. The company has the capability to manufacture  hardware in large volume with the Japanese traditional standards for quality and functionality.

Industrial IoT MESH devices

Treon, based in Finland too, has been designing high quality Industrial IoT wireless mesh devices for the smart factory environment. Devices designed to monitor equipment and heavy duty machines for predictive failure and maintenance.

IoT MESH devices

Haltian, based in Finland, has been designing a multitude of high quality IoT wireless mesh devices, dedicated to the smart building / smart office markets. Devices monitoring Air quality, Temperature, Ambient light, CO2, Humidity, TVOC, Barometer / Temperature, Angle / Distance, Gyroscope, Fill rates / Temperature, Humidity, Ambient light, Gyroscope, Barometer, Magnetic, Motion (PIR) / Occupancy monitoring.


Ingy Nederland, has been developing innovative solutions for smart and energy efficient buildings. Their unique approach is using a smart lighting mesh network as the IoT backbone for smarter buildings, enabling applications such as asset tracking, indoor navigation, occupancy analytics, environmental sensing and much more.

Smart office Solution

Metrikus, based in the UK,  gathers information from building systems and loT sensors to help customers understand their buildings. It is Metrikus mission to digitise the entire built environment leading to more productive, safer and healthier places to work. From occupancy & capacity monitoring, to Indoor air quality monitoring, to energy monitoring, Metrikus covers most aspects requires by office tenants and facility managers.


Redlore is a canadian company with a mission: To strengthen the monitoring of your supply chain through the insights that their patented Internet-of-Things and Machine Learning technology brings.

Redlore disrupts the traditional paradigm of monitoring at the level of the container or trailer because you are really interested in monitoring the goods themselves. They go far beyond temperature and shock monitoring by automatically detecting all key events your goods go through, both in transit and in storage: touch-less delivery confirmation at the intended or at an unintended location, split-up of shipment, tampering with consigned goods,…

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