#47 How to evaluate Mesh Technology


Here are some thoughts on what you might like to do to evaluate mesh technologies before using them for your application:
– Check that the range is sufficient by placing nodes, in the real environment, in their typical positions
– Check that the mesh forms automatically, without any need for human input
– Check that, in case a node or the gateway loses power, the network can recover fast enough for your needs
– Understand how nodes form a network securely and how you can apply that process
– If there are battery-powered nodes, measure the power consumption using an Otii or similar profiler
– See the latency through the network and understand how that might scale if the network becomes more loaded
– Work out the bandwidth requirements of your application and check that the mesh technology can meet them in all scenarios
– Understand the points of failure and the ability to provide redundancy in practical deployments

If you’re stuck on any of those or your evaluation in general, we’re happy to help!

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