Clearly, deep learning has been tech’s hottest topics for the past couple of years. The idea is not new, but having today’s computation power, as well as breakthroughs in neural network architectures, have moved it from applications in finance to a much wider audience.

These breakthroughs were perhaps the biggest in AI for decades, but they have now occurred. There is no doubt that models and therefore the quality of the AI will improve over the coming years. But it will require further breakthroughs in the field to produce AI that does not suffer from the same shortcomings as what we see in for example, in ChatGPT today.

But there is an even more impactful breakthrough in the making, which we might see come to fruition in the next 10-20 years: Quantum Computing. QC has the power to revolutionise medicine, challenge what we currently consider ‘secure,’ and yes, even to rapidly advance AI.

Most of the time, we do not look this far into the future. Lucky for us, the technologies needed to create massive battery-powered sensor networks, track assets with precision, and much more already exist.

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